RBV Crew


We decided to use the mobile Rock Band stage to pass along the gift of music to children suffering from diseases or other health challenges. Their imagination is so powerful that they can truly be a rock star for one night – even if they won’t have the opportunity to be one in real life. The game is a chance to forget about all their problems and challenges, a break from pain and stress that lets them just be a kid again and have fun. Taping their performance will give them and their family a chance to relive the magic, capturing their big moment in the lights on film. We want to make it an experience they will remember for the rest of their lives.

We’re very lucky because we’ve enjoyed good health and prosperity.  Our parents and others shared their music with us, sparking a lifelong love of this inspiring art. The chance to give that opportunity to those who need it the most is amazing. If you know a young person, a wounded warrior, or someone else special who would benefit from the therapeutic power of music, please invite them to join us. That’s the best way you can help, and you’ll know it when you see a little person’s face light up with the glow of stardom.



Of course, there are lots of other ways to be a part of it:
-Come join us for an evening of rock and roll. It’s free!
-Bring any Xbox Rock Band gear you no longer need so we can have spare parts
-Add your song to the playlist and perform on stage for a small donation
-Donate a complete game so performers can learn to play before the big event
-Tell others about the game and our mission to bring it to children in need
-Fund a “gig” for a child facing special challenges or someone who needs healing
-Help get the word out by sharing this on social media, e-mail, etc.
-We accept used music and A/V gear in good working condition
-Volunteer for our “Roadie Crew”, helping with transportation and setup
-Sponsor us – get your logo on the rig and help us share it