When their last wish is to be a Rock Star, this new stage brings kids’ dreams to life…

Children facing health challenges due to disease or injury may not have much time. But no matter how long they have left, the healing power of music can make their lives better. RockBandVan serves children’s hospitals, their patients, and families by sharing the chance to be a rock star. Our mobile stage features easy to learn music games including Rock Band and Guitar Hero, as well as effects like lasers, fog, haze, strobes, LED’s and blacklights that make it feel 100% real.

SO DON’T JUST COME SEE THE BAND… COME *BE* THE BAND… COME JAM WITH VAN!!! You were born to be a rock star, so let’s make the most of it on our Rock Band/Guitar Hero stage. No talent? Not a problem!!! We play with Pitch Correction on, so you will sound just like the real singers. We have bass, guitar, keys, and even pro-drums!!! So easy that even a kid can do it, but with pro stage lighting, fog, and screaming fans, you will look and feel like the inner rock star you were always meant to be.


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